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Riley's Island

The purpose of this petition is to provide a statement of intent to follow the protocol required in getting the island where Riley Ann Sawyers was found officially referenced geographically as “Riley’s Island .”


On July 24, 2007, Riley Ann Sawyers was brutally murdered in Spring, Texas.   Her mother and stepfather stand accused of her murder.   On October 29, 2007, having been maliciously stored in a plastic storage container for months and then inhumanely tossed over the Galveston Causeway, the container that held her precious remains was found washed ashore on a small uninhabited island in Galveston Bay.   She remained unidentified for several weeks and was known only as “Baby Grace.”   The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI worked tirelessly to identify this child in order to serve justice for the barbarous crime and events encompassing her untimely death.


In honor of Riley Ann, the dedicated investigators who continue the diligent work on her case, and those that have been deeply touched by her story, we are asking Galveston County and the City of Hitchcock to memorialize her life by officially naming the island where Riley Ann Sawyers was found “Riley’s Island .”   As supporters of this appellation, we intend not only to commemorate Riley but to address the commitment of Galveston County as well as citizens of the state of Texas, the nation in alliance with the global community to banish child abuse.   Please consider granting this heartfelt request to make the island a permanent memorial to an innocent child who was taken far too soon from this world.


In memory of Riley Ann Sawyers - March 11, 2005 to July 24, 2007.

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